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atl Telecom is dedicated to providing the highest level of support to all its customers. Our new support area contains an extensive range of downloadable information relating to our entire product range.

PLEASE NOTE: This area contains information relating to all ATL products, both past and present. If you are looking to purchase items, please refer to the Products section of our website which contains all currently available products.

If you can't find the information you require please contact our UK technical support team.

PLEASE NOTE: ATL are only able to offer limited telephone support, so you will receive a far better response if you email us at;


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Our headset compatible products have three Options

Jabra GN

Jabra produce engineered professional headsets to enhance productivity, concentration & collaboration in the open office.


Poly are uniquely positioned to solve the challenges that both users and IT face in today’s work-from-anywhere world.


Sennheiser are your partner for audio solutions with the goal of optimizing your working and learning environments.

atl Telecom FAQ’s - click + for solution

Ensure you are using both the cords that were supplied with the telephone, i.e., the Line Cord and the Handset Cord, other cables may not work, even ones from other Berkshire products, they may look similar but the pin-outs may be different.


Ensure the wall socket is working and that it’s an analogue type socket not a digital socket, if you have a fax line try it in that socket or if you have a known working socket try the Berkshire in that socket to test that the telephone is functioning correctly.

To divert phone calls to a different extension you will need to get a divert code from either your line provider or if you work behind a switchboard ask your switchboard supervisor. The code will be the same for you and all your other phones that work behind the switchboard.

This is possible but you will need a feature code / facility code that has been set up on your switchboard. Ask your switchboard supervisor about Group pickup / Direct pickup options.

All our models are listed below, please click on your model number in the listing to download the user guide.

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