Berkshire RD

The Berkshire RD is the telephone of choice for those dedicated Hotlines such as taxis and customer services in public areas.

Berkshire RD

Product Overview

The ATL Berkshire RD is an ideal telephone for applications that require dedicated telephone number access, for example hotels, medical centres, airports and supermarkets, where voice access is required for contacting taxis, and various other customer services etc. Numbers can be pre-programmed subject to minimum order quantity, or the default number codes stored in the telephone can be interpreted by your PBX to generate service telephone numbers. These telephone numbers are stored in non-volatile memory that is permanent and not accessible by the user.

Product Features

Telephone Features:

  • RI/MW switchable
  • 4 non-volatile memories
  • Adjustable-Ringer Pitch
  • Wall Mountable (optional)
  • BT and RJ45 Line Cords
  • RJ11 Line Cord (optional)
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • 10 Year Warranty

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