ATL offers products and solutions for delivering the latest convergence and DSL Technologies, ranging from simple analogue telephones to High Speed Synchronous services.

We are uniquely positioned as a leading voice supplier to offer a range of products for IP architecture whilst having excellent analogue devices. Product areas covered: - ADSL, ADSL2+, G.SHDSL and POTS.

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Featured Products

IP-3062 PoE Professional IP Telephone

Combining all the same features available on the less expensive IP-3032 with a larger LCD, more programmable buttons, and USB and e-SATA ports for adding accessories such as USB memory devices, keyboards, wireless network adapters and up to two programmable button expansion modules known as the IP-EDMX. more info

  • Elegant innovative design with the latest technologies
  • Blue-green 128 x 64 pixels LCD display with backlight
  • Complete VoIP and networking protocol support
  • HD audio chamber design in handset and speakerphone

Delta 700

A two line featurephone with standard headset port. more info

  • Up to 2 line capability
  • 3 one-touch speed dial memories
  • Time Break Recall (TBR)
  • Call timer

IP-3032 PoE Standard IP Telephone

An attractive, simple to configure and use four line IP phone with some surprisingly advanced features, designed for HD acoustic, high definition audio, both the handset and speakerphone provide crystal clear wideband audio calling and conferencing. more info

  • Elegant innovative design incorporating the latest technologies
  • Blue-green 128 x 32 pixels LCD display with backlight
  • Complete VoIP and networking protocol support

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